Ciscos acquisition

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My Experiences With Cisco’s VIRL

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Cisco’s UCCE 16 Brings Exciting New Features

Cisco was the market share leader in large enterprise cloud-based voice deployments, with. Cisco’s ability to successfully acquire and integrate innovative companies is an industry gold, this acquisition engine has achieved a major milestone with the announcement of Cisco’s th acquisition.

Acquisitions help extend market leadership in our key domains, as well as position us to enter into new, growth markets.

Piper Jaffray analyst Andrew Nowinski has an upbeat view of Cisco Systems Inc.'s CSCO, % planned acquisition of location-services company July Systems Inc., which the company announced. On 23rd OctoberCisco announced the acquisition of BroadSoft for a whopping $ billion approximately, at $55 a share - a premium value of 28 percent.

List of acquisitions by Cisco Systems

This will be Cisco’s biggest acquisition since the acquisition of AppDynamics for $ billion. As the news goes, both companies will be working as separate entities for the time being, but by the first quarter ofall operations. This acquisition was way outside Cisco's traditional core, but the idea was to encourage consumers to upload lots of video to the Internet, which would eventually require service providers and Web.

Our integration process starts with the entire acquisition strategy. Cisco seeks acquisitions where there is not only a strong business case but also a shared business and technological vision, and where compatibility of core values and culture foster an environment for success.

Ciscos acquisition
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