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Although she acted out of spite and jealousy in getting Eva sacked, she has more of a conscience than any of the other characters and we believe her when she says that she will never do anything like it again.

B Priestly once again sends a message to the audience. The Inspector belittles and erodes the confidence of Mr. Birling and his wife represent the cold, harsh society of pre-world war, where self-preservation is their first priority.

Eric shows little responsibility for his own actions, forcing himself upon Eva when he was in a drunken state and even when he tried to help her, he did it by stealing from his own father. At the moment they have all had a good dinner, are celebrating a special occasion, and are pleased with themselves'.

The older generations tend to feel greedy. B Priestly acknowledged that the unity shown during World War 2 could help build a foundation for a new fairer Britain. I will also consider the reason why J.

For working class women, a job was crucial. During the commencing scenes it becomes apparent the Birlings are celebrating the soon to be marriage between Gerald and Sheila. Priestly uses Eva Smith's suicide as a plot device to build dramatic tension, dramatic irony, and to share his socialist message.

This is where the Birlings, a prosperous industrial family, live. Even upper class women had few choices. Slightly further on we see a slight metamorphosis in the character of Arthur Birling.

However, unlike them, he shows remorse for his actions when he realises what has happened to the girl. The very fact that the characters can brush off their responsibility in the murder, and ignore the fact that each of them had treated "Eva Smith" badly, is meant to shock the audience.

This quote, amongst other extraordinary pearls of ignorance from Mr. He is more like Mr Birling in his views and outlook on life than he is Sheila or Eric to whom he is nearer in age. Even Gerald is a link to the suicide—even though he has just recently become engaged to Sheila. The World War had caused pain and anguish for the Smiths, who suffered, and are still suffering.

We witness Arthur Birling receive a phone call explaining about a woman has just died. She adopts more of the Inspectors techniques while looking for the truth. He himself had witnessed life before World War 1 and 2.

Birling, she had declined this woman from seeking help from her organization. Contrastingly the newer generation is portrayed as a binary opposition. Choose Type of service. No one admits their part in the suicide, but looks to money as an answer instead of personal change.

During the Second World War he broadcast a massively popular weekly radio programme which was attacked by the Conservatives as being too left-wing. Neither of his parents know him well or understand him and he seems to be lacking their regard and affection.

The binary opposition is crystal clear. Dramatic tension is also built through the use of dramatic irony. The inspector in this play is considered to be an epitome of what humans should be; an apotheosis of man.

Inspector Calls, GCSE English language Essay

Another method through which J. B Priestly demonstrates his fight in the favor of social equilibrium is the diction used throughout the play.

Both Birling and Mrs Birling remark on his rudeness. As we can see, Priestley uses Eva Smith as a representative of the forgotten people of society. An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly - A* GCSE English Literature Drama Coursework An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly - A* GCSE English Literature Drama.

English literature an inspector calls coursework

GCSE English Literature TOP TIPS: Tips for how to answer essay questions for English Literature Unit 1 – Exploring Modern Texts Of Mice and Men Plot overview Notes & Analysis Guide to Writing an Essay Essay questions and mark schemes Model Essay An Inspector Calls Plot overview Notes Guide to Writing an Essay.

Synopsis. Part of a series that helps you to get to grips with the novels, poetry and plays most commonly studied for GCSE coursework and exams, this guide covers Priestley's "An Inspector Calls". A free English literature essay on "An inspector calls," by J. This essay can help with GCSE english coursework.

Find this Pin and more on GCSE: An Inspector Calls by Miss Archer. An Inspector Calls Revision – Context, characters, quotations and fun! Inspector Calls, GCSE English language Essay.

In this essay I will address how this book, Inspector calls, I will address how J.B Priestly describes the younger generation compared to the older generation - Inspector Calls, GCSE English language Essay introduction.

I will also consider the reason why J.B Priestly decides to display generations in such a manner. Examination of the theme of class within J.B Priestley's play 'An Inspector Calls', explaining the divide between upper and lower class and looking at the views of different characters within the.

Gcse english coursework an inspector calls
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