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The different prices, however, must have been charged at reasonably contemporaneous times. In so holding, the Court stressed the need for the "facially narrow" language of the Act to be applied in a manner that is "anchored to the economic realities of interstate markets, the intensely practical concerns that underlie the purposes of the antitrust laws.

The sales manager, Gerhard Henk, had learned of the new plastic ring shortly after its appearance and had immediately asked when PWI would be able to supply them, particularly for sale to customers in France, where Henri Poulenc was the strongest competition faced by PWI.

During the meetings between Plaintiff's representatives and Defendant's representatives, defendant promised that the price charged to Plaintiff for any purchases of wholesale paper products during the yearsand would be at or below the relevant market price for the particular wholesale paper products.

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Precision Worldwide Inc. Case Solution

The function of Rollsource was to service specifically the needs of those members of the web offset printing industry, such as Precision and its competitors, who purchased paper primarily in roll form.

HBR case studies provide anecdotal instances from managers and employees in the organization to give a feel of real situation on the ground. First, all of Unisource's sales to Precision were made pursuant to standard, printed invoices.

Before Thorborg can make a decision, there are three main factors that need to be taken into consideration: Summary Although Precision has raised disputed issues of material fact as to many of the elements of its Robinson-Patman claim, that claim fails in its entirety under the functional availability doctrine.

Pace has consistently produced quality parts since If steelrings were sold in some areas, he argued, while plastic rings were being sold elsewhere, customerswho purchased steel rings would eventually find out.

I would say probably Randy Dunkle, yes.

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There, however, Rollsource declined to take Precision as a customer because of its past due credit history, just as it refused to take any customer with substantial past due balances. Because Dunkle made no enforceable promise, Unisource cannot be held liable for allegedly breaching it.

Precision also relies on certain invoices, see dkt. Antitrust liability should not depend on whether a corporate subunit is organized as an unincorporated division or a wholly owned subsidiary Its primary business is selling wholesale quantities of paper to commercial printing companies like Precision and its competitors, for which purpose it maintains a warehouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This ring, which is considered a substitute to the already established product offering in the marketplace, has a longer usage life and significantly lower manufacturing costs than the traditional steel ring.

Moreover, Thornhill normally purchased paper by the truckload, which Precision did not. In the alternative, Precision would have taken the same actions even in the absence of the alleged misrepresentations.

Here, however, no evidence is cited or argued to indicate that Unisource ever gave Precision the favorable prices to which it claims it was entitled. If those truckloads came out of Unisource's general inventory, then they were not "in commerce," as already discussed. As themeeting concluded, it was decided that the company should prepare to manufacture the new ring assoon as possible but that until the inventories of the old model and the steel were exhausted, theplastic ring would only be sold in those markets where it was offered by competitors.

Thus, Unisource argues, any higher prices that may have been paid by Precision were strictly its own fault and liability cannot attach to Unisource. We are a team of business students M. Although there will be competitors selling other plastic rings, they will be few and far between.

If steel rings were sold in some areas, he argued, while plastic rings were being sold elsewhere, customers who purchased steel rings would eventually find out.

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Precision's fraud claim founders, first, on the fact that there is insufficient evidence that any such promise was ever made, as discussed supra. QuestionWhat action should Hans Thorborg take?.

Marian is an ISO certified global leader in manufacturing precision die-cut component parts made of innovative flexible materials.

Precision Worldwide, Inc. Case Study

Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies at 10 locations around the world, Marian engineers partner closely with customers to solve complex manufacturing and assembly problems. Precision Worldwide, Inc. Case Study Involved Parties: Competitor-French Firm: Henri Poulenc Precision Worlwide, Inc.-German Firm Hans Thorborg-General Manager Gerhard Henk-Sales Manager Bodo Eisenbach- Development Engineer Patrick Corrigan-Parent Company Spokesman Background: Precision Worldwide.

Precision Worldwide Inc. Case Solution,Precision Worldwide Inc. Case Analysis, Precision Worldwide Inc. Case Study Solution, Competitor has developed and introduced a superior product that is less expensive to manufacture. Accuracy throughout the world must decide whether the mat. Executive Summary Precision Worldwide,Inc (PWI) is a manufacturing company of industrial machines and equipment for almost 90 years.

One of their plants located in Frankfurt, Germany, produces a particular model at a price ranging from $ 18, to $ 28, West Coast Service Center Zapp Precision Strip Inc. Clark Street Santa Fe Springs, California Phone +1 Fax +1 Precision Worldwide Inc. Precision Worldwide, Inc. (PWI) has a plant located in Germany which manufactures industrial machines, equipment and replacement parts for sale in numerous countries.

Precision worldwide inc
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