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The outlook of the channel is in sync with our core beliefs. The writers, anchors and actors of this show plead insanity and as such jayhind. All five of us are like a family when we meet.

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Dont try to be Oversmart. Sumeet Raghavan has done it all in the entertainment industry. Whether it is the big screen or the small screen, Sumeet has shown his versatility as an actor in all genres. Sumeet has acted in.

Success bash: 'Jay Hind'

Sumeet Raghavan (of Ghar Ki Baat Hai and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai fame) is the show's anchor. The show covers news in the world and in India, focusing on current trends, topics and news. The show covers news in the world and in India, focusing on current trends, topics and news. The concept of Late Night Show is similar to Movers and Shakers which brought a new trend in Indian Television.

Late Night Show has brought Indian Television on Internet. with hilarious comedy Late Night Comedy Show and Free Stand up Comedy Clips hosted by Sumeet Raghvan on Their older son Sahil (Sumeet Raghavan) and his wife Monisha Sarabhai (Rupali Ganguly) née Manisha Singh live in the apartment across the hallway.

Maya considers the name Manisha middle class and renames her Monisha before their marriage. Monisha's middle-class habits irk Maya. Show All Episodes. On March 3, Colors channel launched a popular online show “JayHind!” under a new name, “The Late Night Show.” Produced by Abhigyan Jha.

The show, will once again be helmed by Rajiv Mehra, who directed the original show. Zabaan Sambhalke will be presented in a episode series. The cult show had fabulous performances by its cast.

Sumeet raghavan online show
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